Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back in Mudgee

Arrived back in Mudgee yesterday after several extremely wet days in Richmond- the small farm expo was not unlike a county show in the UK; wet and miserable.

Richmond, in the Hawkesbury river flood plain, is a strange place. Lots of flash houses and equine properties, polo playing and the like.When we were there a few weeks ago it was so dry it was impossible to believe the place is prone to flooding, but it was easy to imagine on the second visit, the place was swampy with all the damns overflowing and the river level much higher.

The scenery is unusual, with the majority of the extensive river basin flat and green. It takes a while to realise that the place looks wrong, until you work out that there are no grazing animals, no trees, nothing but short grass- the whole area is thousands of acres of turf farms.

The drive back over the Blue Mountains was completely different from 5 days before, as the colours had become autumnal. The tall densely packed eucalyptus trees all had new leaf growth, which was orange and red, like enormous poinsettias. Blue skies, hot weather, spring rain and colours we associate with autumn.

I am off to earn an honest crust tomorrow- vaccinating horses in Dubbo for a week. Well, assisting rather than primary attending vet, but it will be interesting. Someone a couple of weeks ago lost a finger in an unbroken stallion in a cattle crush incident; I will try not to lose any body parts.

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