Wednesday, October 28, 2009

anyone for tennis?

Well it was high drama at Mudgee tennis club today- the division 2 ladies' league came to an end, and despite being 2 team members down for most of the competition my depleted team topped the league and have a place in next week's play-offs. However a team member is unable to play, and the adjudicators ( all the posh ladies in division 1 ) have had a conclave in order to establish the rules regarding the use of a reserve in a semi-final.

The conclusion is that the only people eligible under the complex rules, sub-section Z, paragraph 93 ( 'absenteeism - player or players, for a total of 17 consecutive Thursdays') are the Archbishop of Canterbury, Elvis, left-handed ladies called Doris, or Gladys Trellis from Perth WA.

Will keep you posted.

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