Sunday, November 22, 2009

game, set and match

There was an emergency meeting at Mudgee tennis club last week, and the ladies of Division 1 decided that the overwhelming heat meant that the tennis finals should be postponed. The Division 2 ladies are made of sterner stuff ( allegedly ) and elected to play regardless. This turned out to be great sport for the hardened Aussies watching an unfit, unacclimatised, overweight Pom struggle to the point of double vision and nausea! So, we managed a commendable second place due to my weedy northern hemisphere constitution- and the opposition were better players which helped.

The club is an interesting hotbed of politics and undercurrents of discontent. The Div 1 ladies appear to have total control of the place, and entry into the inner circle is based on ability, social standing, and whether your bum looks good in a pink skirt. I think on a points system those 3 parameters will ensure that I remain with the gang of outcasts in Div 2 in perpetuity.


planetchampion said...

Hi Fiona, loving the blog. I think we have all your rain here! So do the Division 2 ladies get to wear pink skirts too -or is that a privilege to be earned (?!)

twosheilasandadog said...

please send some rain!
Pink skirts?- hell would have to freeze over first. We Div 2 ladies favour a more casual 'just got off the farm' look, no Nike logos or designer lycra for us!

F x

Anonymous said...

Having seen the pic you posted, I can see what you mean.