Thursday, December 3, 2009

tennis chic

The picture above shows the victors and runners up in the tennis competition- note the coordinated sporty pink team on the left, and the somewhat more freestyle garb sported by my team on the right. Also note a rather marked height disparity!

From protea


Anonymous said...

Who's the lady with the pom pom things? The referee?

Long way from Wimbledon me thinks in more ways than one!

That pic is worthy of a place on Facebook.

Soo xxx

twosheilasandadog said...

Lady with pom poms is the indomitable Kathy, who was the 4th member of the winning team but did not play in final so was their cheerleader!

Our team was the only one to play with only 3 members, our No. 1 player dropped out in first week, all other teams had 4 players.

A very far cry from Wimbledon for sure!
F x