Monday, March 22, 2010

biblical plague events

We appear to be living the plagues of Egypt at Protea Farm at the moment.

The frogs have returned with a vengeance and are keeping Vanessa a hostage in her own home at night by suckering themselves to all the windows and peering in with little froggy eyes.

The plague of flies are a given at this time of year, but the locusts are exceptional and hopping all over the gardens. Tonight on the tennis court under the floodlights the locusts were swarming and almost stopped play. Difficult to return serve when locusts are crawling all over your head. we await the hail, livestock death, and boils.

I was interested to read in the UK news today about the lovely lady B & B owner in Berkshire who turned away a respectable middle-aged gay couple who had booked a stay for the night at her establishment because allowing them to share a bed under her roof was 'against her convictions'.

I wonder whether we should stop allowing rampantly heterosexual people utilising our facilities. Actually, while we are at it we could preclude children ( noisy,messy things ) ladies with long hair ( too much bathroom cleaning afterwards ) people with irritating laughs, men with beards and sandals, and all those who have religious beliefs, orange cars or sisters called Gladys.

Welcome to the Inhospitality industry, nice one Mrs Black.

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