Tuesday, April 20, 2010

volcanic disruptions

Currently stuck here in Australia, flight to UK canceled, and the damned volcano in Iceland is causing major hassles. There is no way to contact BA at the moment- the website is being deliberately obtuse and the phone lines permanently on hold.

So, not a lot I can do but continue to enjoy the fantastic autumn weather here.

Vanessa got a birthday gift from Georgie ( hereinafter known as 'the animal hoarder by proxy' ) of 2 guinea pigs. She is refusing to call them 'Kath & Kim', so they have been named 'Myrtle & Sorrel'.

The new 'pig palace' is currently having coats of yacht varnish before the ladies move in.

From Protea Farm 1

Brian the ram has settled in well, but there has been no obvious procreative activity to date. he may turn out to be an Adam or Ian......watch this space.

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