Sunday, July 25, 2010

pinder ponderings

The mighty shade house has now been constructed and anchored to the ground, so seed planting has started on an industrial scale. We only need to grow and harvest around 100 Kg of salad leaves to break even on the cost now.

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1

I have started the Thursday morning tennis competition, and I am being constantly berated for not playing 'patient tennis'. This involves lots of running around, prolonged rallies, large numbers of lobs and generally trying to stay in the point as long as possible. This philosophy does not come easily to someone who is lazy, unfit and impatient, and whose definition of good tennis is to try and hit the ball as hard as possible and get the game over with minimal effort.

As I pointed out, the word 'patient' in my vocabulary means a sick cat or dog, not a lifestyle choice.

Patient tennis resulted in my losing 3 out of 4 of my sets. However on Saturday where the tennis is social and not a competition the aggressive approach notched up several wins.

A weekly trophy is handed out ....namely 'the drill'

From Protea Farm 1

...and I am this week's proud recipient.

I should add that 'drilling' is hitting a ball exceptionally hard directly at an opponent in an unsporting fashion and a way likely to cause extreme bodily harm. Extra bonus points were added due to the fact that my 'target' was the club President.

Therefore I should not feel proud. Not at all. Not even a tiny bit.

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