Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am still finding it very hard to get my head round the reversed seasons in this hemisphere. Now April, so autumn is here. With no deciduous trees, no clouds or rain, and daytime temperatures in the high 20’s it has been difficult to comprehend. However the last few nights in the van have been very, very cold, and last night there was a hint of a frost (first one we have seen for over a year!). So we have developed a system of layering clothing…..wake up in alluring flannelette pyjamas with bed socks and long sleeved top, don a fleece and huddle round the gas cooker as you boil the kettle.

Venture outdoors (van now positioned to catch the morning sun, whereas a few weeks ago it was positioned for maximum shade), drink coffee and warm up, start shedding layers. By midday back to shorts and T-shirt. Around 5pm, batten down the hatches to preserve warmed van interior and start the layering process again. Bed socks mandatory by 9pm, about the same time as the kettle is boiled for the ginger dog’s hot water bottle.

So, our procrastination has led to yet another revision…head south for the summer has been replaced with head north for the winter.

Ness has been playing with her new eco gadget….a 5 gallon black rubber water bag with a shower attachment. Astonishingly after 3 hours in the sun the water is hot shower temperature. There are logistical problems with how high we can hoist it in the Winnebago bathroom…… very nice shower if one could become accustomed to showering lying down (or indeed have the room to do so). Need to work on that one, or shed both inhibitions and clothing and string bag up in a gum tree and shower al fresco.

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