Saturday, April 12, 2008

health care

No posts for a few days because we have both been stricken with a nasty cold virus and have been convalescing and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Had to go to the local practice this week to have a skin lump looked at with a view to removal. Saw a doctor who spend the entire (brief) consultation chomping vigorously on chewing gum, possibly the most unprofessional encounter I have ever had. The upshot was ' I ( chomp chomp) do not know ( chomp chomp) what that is ( chomp) or what ( chomp) to do about it. I know, I will make notes on my computer.' (clack, chomp, clack,chomp)

At reception it transpired that she felt removal was 'what to do'. The reception staff looked rather shifty, with asides along the lines of 'has she done that before?', 'is she doing surgery?'. I politely pointed out ( in a somewhat strangled voice full of panic) that I would not consider that woman coming anywhere near me with a scalpel blade. Not the best $26 I have ever spent, at least she did not sting me for a detailed examination.

Upshot is, said lump being removed at end of month by a GP within the practice who has been recommended.

Meanwhile we have a brief change of career next week...a friend of Georgie's is going on holiday for a week and needs a house-sitter to attend to the cat and chooks. A week of hot running water and heating, sheer bliss.

Transpires the family we are doing this for belongs to a non chomping doc from the same surgery...small place Mudgee.

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