Monday, June 16, 2008

trouble in paradise

We camped on the edge of Paradise Beach yesterday, yet another stretch of ninety mile beach ( the world's 3rd longest uninterrupted beach) . Great for dog walking so we elected to stay another night and Ness decided to reposition the van for maximum sunlight. On the list of things I dislike about the beach I forgot to mention sand- filthy stuff gets everywhere. When attempting a 3 point turn in a 4 tonne van on sand problems occur, and she buried it good and proper. A few frustrated wheel spins later and 70% of the 4 back wheels were completely underground.

We have been meaning to buy a tow rope for some time now but never managed to get round to it, but we did buy a shovel last week so we set to digging in the sand to expose the wheels then used all our rubber matting for traction. Proceeded to spray ourselves with sand as we entrenched the wheels deeper and deeper.

Fortunately Ness can still pull off the blond bimbo in distress act and found 2 blokes with a tow rope and a 4-wheel drive. They were not convinced that they would succeed ( especially when we discovered that when the kangaroo bars were fitted to the front bumper the tow hook was removed) but with a bit more digging and some manful towing we were pulled free.

We are still here, parked up on firmer ground, and suffering the humiliation of being told by old duffers in caravans ( speaking slowly so that we can understand ) that the Winnebago is very heavy and sand is very soft.

I am so glad that it was Ness and not me who grounded us. I have been accused of excessive smirking all day.

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