Tuesday, January 13, 2009

game set and match

A New Year resolution of sorts is to be more active. Since we are on a brief travel interlude the temptation to sit around in the sun and do very little is great so I decided to pick up a tennis racket for the first time in over 20 years and join the Mudgee tennis club.

My first attempt last week was somewhat woeful. In my day the rackets were made of wood and weighed a ton, and getting to grips with a light large headed carbon fibre number was interesting, most of my shots flying into the net or reaching the outer stratosphere. Playing in temperatures of over 30 degrees was also a challenge, and my graciously patient partners called the game off after an hour when I was looking like someone about to suffer a coronary.

It transpires that they are a pretty competitive bunch at the club, and yesterday I had to attend the 'sorting' to assess my abilities. I tried to request that I was just placed straight into the 'overweight ladies of a certain age and limited ability' category but my pleas fell on stony ground.

Fortunately there were 2 other ladies who fitted neatly into this category so I did not feel totally useless. However I have now been 'sorted' ( the sorting hat will, I fear, place me with the Slytherins ) and the teams will be announced in the local paper before the regular Tuesday night competition starts in February! This was not quite the plan but there is no going back now. I do need to get some practice in before then, but Ness refuses point blank to indulge in any sport that involves chasing a ball. The trio of ladies of a certain age will reconvene next week for a practice session.

Meanwhile I am off to Kurrajong tomorrow to house sit for M & N while Ness is staying in Mudgee to assist with Saturday's Farmers market. I think that I am getting the better deal, as I will have an outdoor pool all to myself interspersed with a little light dog/cat/chook/horse minding. I really must persuade them to start building the tennis court.

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