Thursday, January 22, 2009

spell check

Most of the time the Australian relaxed attitude to life is refreshing after 4 decades in England, but the casual approach to spelling, grammar and foreign languages does cause me a certain amount of consternation.

The misuse and overuse of the apostrophe would make Lynne Truss apoplectic, and regarding French pronunciation there is absolutely no quarter given, with all words having a phonetic interpretation. Currently the Australian Open Tennis is being sponsored by Garnier ('Take care, Garny air' ).

Ordering a croissant in a bakery one has to resort to pointing to the item in order to be understood, or accept defeat and ask for a croo-son ( to rhyme with Tucson, Arizona). Mary and I are running a competition to see who can spot the best howlers, and it is a close run thing so far. Most cafes will serve raison toast for breakfast, or with cream as a desert, lovingly prepared in their state of the art brassiere kitchens.

We have decided to open an existential cafe/bookshop called Raisin Detre' where customers can order their deserts while sitting comfortably on the chaise lounges or reading the currant events noticeboards. There are possible several locations- maybe next to the Ghandarva Wholistic Counselling Centre in Richmond , De Ja Vu the hairdressers, or move to Orange and find somewhere near the 'Definately Different' gift shop. Or we could position ourselves next to the skincare and beauty salon below:

From Blogger Pictures
It may be advisable to be close to a long as poor terry does not need washing:

From Drop Box

However we have decided on a signature dish desert for the A'La'cart menu.

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Anonymous said...

I would insist on you calling it 'Tyre or Terror My Soo'

Anonymous said...

You can leave Terry out of it! Loved reading this.