Saturday, August 29, 2009

mudgee is ambridge NSW

Listening to the Archers podcast today and the parallels between Ambridge and Mudgee living are becoming compounded. James has been living Tom Archer's life for some time, farming free range pigs and producing quality sausages. Even the story-lines about organising portable runs for weighing the weaners, pigs escaping etc seem to run in tandem with real time dramas over here.

Since we got the alpacas and started running holiday lets there have been worrying similarities between ourselves and Linda Snell. This week Linda and Roger embarked on a seaside holiday in a Winnebago, so it is now official. I am Linda Snell.


Hardcase said...

We always knew but we didn't like to say

Anonymous said...

I have now subscribed to The Archers podcast so I can let my imagination run riot (as if it didn't already!)
Sending virtual hugs down the www, Soo xxxxxx