Wednesday, August 19, 2009

women with 3 sheds

The logistics of providing firewood for 3 cottages for the winter season proved rather tiresome as the guests were insistent on burning large quantities of the stuff, so we are determined to be more prepared next year. That in mind, we have had someone working all week felling all the accessible dead trees on the property before the bush-fire season. We now have several tonnes of wood in a massive heap in one of the paddocks.

After the snake in the wood pile incident a decision was made and today we purchased 2 woodsheds ( 1 for the furthest cottage, 1 for the lower ones). Knowing how the ownership of a minimum of 1 shed is mandatory for all Australians I am rather hoping that owning 3 sheds in total will qualify me for instant citizenship without having to take the exam.

The garden transformation continues, with more steel cutting and assembly of garden beds. Note the sexy hat to avoid further head burning incidents.

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1

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Anonymous said...

Very smart, the garden beds that is, certainly not the hat. Still, rather that than a burned fringe. Heehee.