Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I beg your pardon...

It appears that the one plant that thrives drought and extreme heat over here is the rose. In England we always inherited a rose garden wherever we lived, and personally it is a flower that I really dislike, nasty prickly high maintenance things that they are.

We have located many around the property, and I have had to admit defeat and accept that we now have a rose garden. Every last one that we transplanted and chopped back to within an inch of its life is flourishing, and the guests love them. However I have a particular hatred for pink roses, so Ness is closely monitoring them as they start to flower, with warnings that should they exhibit any pinkness they will be exterminated. Another one defiantly revealed itself as pink today, so its days are numbered.

My paeonies are growing well against all odds, albeit alongside a carpet of ground cover roses ( white ) and the vegetable patch is taking off so soon we will be in the kitchen creating marvellous meals with broad beans.

Mudgee Wine Festival this weekend, so we are back in Geoffrey to accommodate 2 large groups of wine enthusiasts. Life is tough.

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