Thursday, September 3, 2009

weather warnings

It is now official- Australia has had the warmest August on record with mean temperatures 2.47C above the long term average.The bush fire season has come early, and water is scarce.

A couple of days ago we checked the water tank levels, and the one serving the main house was less than 1/4 full. We have no mains water and rely solely on rain water capture for domestic use and our artificially built dam for garden water. Guests taking baths and showers and selfishly flushing toilets use an alarming quantity.

In the last 24 hours we have had rain! 14 mm so far. Apparently 1mm of rain falling on 1 square metre of roof will lead to 1 litre of captured water in the tank, so this morning I paced out the roof on our place- 300 square metres. So, we have an extra 4,200 litres of water.I think we may need a little more than that.

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