Saturday, December 11, 2010

home alone

Things ticking along quite well on the homestead in the absence of the Kiwi. I managed to find the blown fuse and restore the electricity supply after the last deluge.

The amount of water around the place has caused a population explosion of large aggressive mosquitoes which appear to have the ability to bite through clothing and are resistant to Aeroguard and all other repellents. As I write this I am sitting uncomfortably due to a nasty clutch of raised itchy bites on my right buttock. Ness may take some persuading that I have not been frolicking around outdoors naked at sunset due to their position!

We have a second bright sunny day today, so I may even be able to mow the lawns.

Australian sports lovers are in a trough of despond after the last 2 Ashes Test matches, and I am banned from discussing cricket and trying not to be too smug- very difficult with a Nation of highly skilled sledgers


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