Friday, December 21, 2007

Drought, what drought?

Weather getting silly now. We are very happy for all the farmers, lovely and green and lush here, crops growing well and all the dams and water tanks are full, however last night we were buffeted by the wind and torrential rain and the camp site is awash. Cabin fever set in this morning, and the long term forecast suggests a lot more of the same including Christmas. Four people in a wet van a very unfestive thought.

We went for brunch with Anthea ( a vet ) and her husband and family- they have recently completed a straw bale house which was an education for them and the builders involved. It is a fantastic property, sexy curves around the windows and internal doors, striking earthy colours on walls. Stone internal walls housing the wood-burning stove (from locally quarried stone) and feature walls in several bedrooms work really well. The whole look is Australian colonial meets Cotswold cottage.

There have been problems with the rendering on external walls. A long story, but suffice it to say that mud rendered walls in the Mudgee climate slide off into a pile on the floor when it rains, so still work in progress.

Sewage is dealt with by a wormery, with the grey water providing irrigation for the garden and orchard.

By the time we got back, the dried up creek that cuts through the farm had turned into a raging torrent of a river, and all the dams are full and overflowing. The ducklings have matured and recently become rebellious about being locked away safely at night. Now they are swimming from dam to dam and there is no way we can catch the little blighters. We spotted 2 foxes during our evening stroll, and fear they may get a duck dinner before we do.

Meanwhile I have got myself a locum job in the New Year- not quite sure how that happened (red wine was involved). Will need to get a bicycle to commute into town, fingers crossed I will not need a wet suit and flippers.

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