Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just another Sunday

Just another normal Sunday- chop down a tree for kids to decorate, have a leisurely breakfast, castrate a goat.

Dora's kids have been growing rapidly, and the male is becoming something of a handful, so we decided the time had come to diminish his manhood.

James has the use of the local vet's car whilst he is locuming, so we rummaged in the boot and found the usual junk festering in a large animal practitioner's car; cow shit, rusty old instruments, baler twine, assorted bottles of highly dangerous and/or lethal chemicals ( some with labels ). We selected an assortment of almost appropriate surgical instruments ( one up from string and bulldog clips anyway).

Being Brits we were not keen on the Aussie method of neutering, namely hold the beast down, rip them off and feed them to the dogs, analgesia and anaesthesa not required, and found a cocktail of drugs we deemed suitable. Once goat was heavily sedated and local anaesthesia had been injected into the region in question, there was merely the dilemma of surgical technique. So we flipped him upside down, pretended he was a large dog, and job done.

We may have overdone the 'light' sedation a fraction, but I am sure he felt better for his 5 hour sleep post op.

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