Saturday, December 22, 2007


Bright sunshine, so outdoors today moving newly purchased piglets out of quarantine and into the weaner paddock- all went without a hitch.

We acquired the piglets, a new Berkshire gilt ( Lilian ), a sow ( Andrea ) with piglets, and a bunch of scrappy looking mongrel weaned piglets. Unfortunately, having just got the 3 bottle fed runts ( Dolores, Dale and Dorothy) back with their mother and siblings we now have an even more runty rubbish one, so back to bottle feeding- worse than parenting infants.

We trundled off to Bathurst with the trailer to collect them from a guy who was giving up pigs to concentrate on horticulture- garlic, soft fruits.

The house was built in 1848, and has been restored to its original beauty, with the heritage colours throughout. Even the wallpaper when pieces were discovered under all the old paintwork was sent to London to be identified, reprinted and exported back for hanging. Evil looking geometric red and gold stuff, but true to the identity of the property.

The hardwood panelling was fantastic, although owner was unable to clarify what wood it was, and all the furniture in keeping with the building. The gardens were hilariously English, even down to the formal rose garden and box hedging.

Now only 140 acres, but was originally over 1000, which qualified the family ( with 13 children ) for 3 convicts to work the land. The 3 convict cottages still stand and are used as guest houses. Details below if you have approx $4 million to spare.

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