Sunday, May 11, 2008

gold rush towns, cherry orchards and dead cricketers

Last two days have been spent exploring the central mid west towns, all of which sprang into existence in the mid 1800's due to the discovery of gold and mass influx of gold prospectors. Now the population seems to be mostly agricultural amidst drought and disaster. Young provides 50 % of Australia's cherries ( 600,000 cases per season) so the area is covered by hundreds of acres of autumnal cherry orchards, a stark contrast to the enormous evergreen citrus orchards in the Lachlan river valley that we passed yesterday.

Free camping continues- yesterday we parked up by the Lachlan River and tonight we are at a rest stop north west of Canberra. Internet access by virtue of an aerial attached to a bit of string velcroed to a pelmet in the van ( which I suspect acts as a pretty effective Faraday cage when attempting to access mobile phone transmissions) .

Glad to report that most towns were prosperous enough to build substantial post offices, so enjoy the pictures! Sean O'Satnav when asked to navigate us to a town centre appears PO fixated so we always end up alongside one.

Stopped off briefly in Cootamundra to look at Don Bradman's birthplace and genuflect with Pommy reverence. Also spotted wallabies and had a great sighting of a black-shouldered kite.

Off to explore Canberra tomorrow.....hope Nancy enjoys the triangular addition to the map.

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Anonymous said...

Your journey around Oz is beginning to look like a constellation map.

Can you create "The plough"?