Saturday, May 17, 2008


Vanessa has strong childhood memories of flying from NZ to Brisbane with her family, then her Mum and Dad borrowing an old jalopy and driving all the way to Wagga Wagga with 3 screaming children. Ted was not keen on cities, and the road infrastructure in the early 70's was not as advanced as today, so the trip took forever.

One highlight, and a regular theme of photos in those days, was 'The dog on the tuckerbox' at Gundagai, a small bronze statue erected in the 1920's to commemorate the cattle drovers of the day. This was next to a small highway, and a place to stop for a picnic.

The pilgrimage was somewhat spoiled by the presence of a 4 lane highway, a fountain around the statue, and the KFC Drive Thru, Subway, Shell service station and Bullocky Bill's Pie Emporium.

The pic shows Ness trying to be cheerful about the whole thing.

We are now in Wagga Wagga which has been blighted by drought for the last 8 years. They should have called us sooner, all it took was a Pommy in a campervan. Has not stopped raining for 36 hours.

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