Saturday, May 31, 2008

project koala

We have crossed over into Victoria and are now heading back east along the Murray. Getting very attached to the Murray valley, the scenery and wildlife and lack of people ( visiting in winter helps, all the grey nomads are heading north ) makes it very appealing.

We have decided that wherever possible we want to see the wildlife in its natural environment, not in zoos, reserves, or any sanitised or protected fashion. With that in mind we headed to the Barmah State Park, part of the red gum forest where koala live a natural existence. I had no expectations but eagle-eyed Vanessa spotted one up a tree just before we stopped to make camp.

It does not get much better than this! We scoured the forest for a couple of hours but did not find another one, although Ness rifled through an awful lot of poo. Stopping here overnight, so we will do a night walk later and see if we can hear them bellowing.

Also saw a sea eagle this afternoon ( they live very sucessfully this far inland as the Murray has plenty of fish for them).

** Just back from the night walk and Ness did it again and spotted another koala with the torch. It was about half the size of the first one so we assume the first was a male and this one a female. Also found a tawny frogmouth owl. Think we will be staying here tomorrow.

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