Friday, November 21, 2008

circle completed

We are back in Port Augusta, the western circle now complete.We were last here at the end of July before we hit the Stuart Highway straight up the middle. The winter weather then was wet and windy, the summer weather now is wet and windy.

The Flashlube altered the campervan engine problems- after use the fault status changed from intermittent to permanent. So the engine burped and belched and generally eructated its way along the last 700 km of our journey across the Nullarbor.

Miracle of miracles we found a fully kitted out Iveco dealer here in town and this morning the fault ( dodgy electric connection to fuel injectors ) was diagnosed and repaired. Geoffrey may well be a big solid brute of a machine but it appears that his Italian engine adds a temperamental continental streak. We may need to rename him Giovanni.

We are remaining here until Monday as we decided to book Giovanni in for a full service and overhaul . Then we need to decide where to go next..................

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