Friday, November 7, 2008

......never camp in a cemetery

Last night the free camping options were few and far between but Ness located a deserted cemetery with a lovely place to park Geoffrey and the bonus of a fresh water supply to top up the tanks with. A horror movie about large squishy venomous aliens invading New York was the dvd of choice and suited the ambiance perfectly.

Well it appears that our misdemeanour has backfired because now Geoffrey is broken. The fuel injector light keeps flashing and he has lost his oomph. We phoned a mechanic who reassured us that the flashing light was probably a computer malfunction and was 'not a drama and no worries' ( typical Saturday afternoon advice I suspect) but the problem is worsening.

We paid for Winnebago assistance but the man on the helpline desk was not overly helpful. It transpires that breaking down a long distance from an Iveco service centre is just plain silly and should be avoided, and that they only cover us for a maximum tow of 150 km. He could have tried to call someone with a tow truck but did we realise that it was Saturday!

The upshot is that there is a bloke in Albany( 350km away) who may be able to fix it, but the nearest centre with the diagnostic computer that we will probably need is in Perth over 500km back the way we came.

It appears that our only option is to backtrack slowly and hope that we make it to Albany, after which we may or may not have to return to Perth .Whether that trip is made under our own steam or on the back of a towtruck remains to be seen so watch this space.

Meanwhile we are by the seaside enjoying the view, and we will slowly trundle back west tomorrow and see what happens.

The curse of disturbing the dead is upon us.

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