Monday, March 2, 2009

autumn approaches

There has been a noticeable change in the weather over the last week. Although in the mid 20's during the day the nights are much cooler and the extra blankets are needed when sleeping in the van. There are not many deciduous trees so there are no overt signs of autumn but you can feel it approaching. This will be our first winter in Mudgee.

The autumn/winter is the busy time for tourists- summer is too hot and people tend to go to the coast instead.We will hit the ground running when we take over the Protea Farm. Contracts have been signed and the deposit paid so there is no going back now. There was yet another last minute crisis when the solicitor discovered that one of the prohibitions on the contract was 'use of properties as tourist lodgings' but a letter of approval from 1999 was unearthed last week.

This month will be a long one while we wait for a moving-in date but we will spend the time picking the previous owner's brains on how the whole business works. We are now a registered business and Ness is itching to get hold of the business cheque book so that she can start buying stuff for the gardens ( including 2 dexter cows, some chooks for Serena to bully, and some dorper lambs).

Our biggest initial expense will be fencing so said creatures can be accommodated. Having spoken to ' Peter the Fence' yesterday it looks like we will be doing the bulk of the work ourselves to keep costs down.

We also have to dismantle the lovely vegetable gardens because all the wooden sleepers have white ants ( termites ) which are dangerously close to the houses. Galvanised steel edging seems to be the way to go but may be prohibitive due to cost.

We will also be doing a major clear out of 12.5 acres of dead wood to reduce the fire hazard and also provide firewood for the cottages ( wood burning heaters in all 3 ). Needless to say we are extremely keen to get in there and get started.

James dog is feeling highly aggrieved this week because she is being regularly chastised for chasing the ugly chicken- it was only yesterday that we discovered that Serena is ambushing her from under the van and pecking her backside viciously.

Even worse for the ginger dog the chook has now learned how to fly, so no there is nowhere to hide.

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Tracey said...

Kia ora Vanessa! Nana and Grandad gave me your blog name, and I promised to look you up.
So it looks like you're living the dream?
Congratulations on the farm purchase, we'll definitely look you up if we're ever near Mudgee.
Fire me an email if you'd like to (I won't post my life story here and bore your friends) thecamerons at rocketmail dot com. I remember you and your parents well, and have a remarkable clear, visual memory of my early childhood.
So, for now, Tim and June think of you often and adore your letters at Christmas, I'll try and show them your site, if I can.
Take care out there,
Tracey Cameron (was Robinson, was Barnett)

Jane said...

WELL DONE Fiona and Vanessa!! Congratulations on buying the farm and all the best with your holiday accomodation. It's looks quite wonderful from the photos. This is a fantastic blog, and I'm in awe of your wild flower pictures. I think you need to get yourselves back over this side of the country come Spring and we'll take you out to Anthill to see the wild flowers there; I'm sure half of them are not even named yet. Things are ticking over here as always, with our own plans to build holiday accomodation yet again lifted off the back burner and onto the flames - but we'll see! Can offer you a friend for the little black chooklet though; we have Scotland - so named for his bravery! - but he also is all alone in the world.
Trust all is well with you both and James.
Jane (Geraldton)