Sunday, March 29, 2009


The last few days have been spent learning the ropes from Barb and Clive before we officially become landladies. They are being extremely helpful and we are trying hard not to be overwhelmed.

As we will move in a few weeks before our furniture reaches these shores, we have had to go on a shopping spree to buy mattresses, fridge, washing machine, kettle, vacuum cleaner etc- the fact that these will all be business expenses softens the blow a little but the bank balance is looking rather depleted.

Barb has done a good job with advanced bookings, and there will be guests in situ when we move in.The only potential crisis is a booking in early July for all 3 cottages, so this is dependent on the ship not sinking or Pickfords not losing all our stuff- the guests will have very minimal decor if there are delays.

Sad news about Serena bird- he/she was becoming a liability at base camp, and last week her stealing became dangerous when she ambushed me as I was about to drink my first coffee and have my first nicotine fix of the day. It is not funny having to chase a chicken with a lighted cigarette in her beak especially when the wretched bird decided to smoke it directly under the engine. The insurance claim when the Winnebago went up in flames would have made interesting reading.

So, she had to go and live with the Ormiston chickens. He/she was an outcast and refused to mix with feathered friends, and obviously did not realise that there is safety in numbers. Ness found her mortal remains after a bold fox managed a mid-morning snack. I was a lot more distressed about this than I should have been, and realise that rearing any creature with a view to eating it will be a challenge.

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