Thursday, May 28, 2009

comedy creature

The fencing project has stalled temporarily, so today Georgie and I collected the comedy creature and he has gone to Ormiston for a few days until we can accommodate him here at Protea Farm.
From Protea Farm 1
He is called 'Marley' ( already christened by the breeder ) but will probably go by the name Bob. He is 9 months old, and is the cutest alpaca I have ever seen. He is well-mannered, halter-trained, and makes fantastic purring noises.

From Protea Farm 1
Love at first sight!


Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

He is rather handsome!! I remember traipsing round Hertfordshire County Show with you (years ago) to view two rather miserable alpacas; it took a few years and a change of continent but you got your dream pet.
V will have you weaving brightly coloured patterned ponchos next...


Lovely's Blot said...

I am really envious! He looks lovely but are you getting him a friend for company?

twosheilasandadog said...

I had forgotten the Hertfordshire Show- seems like several lifetimes ago.
Poncho weaving hmmm, maybe not.

For now Marley is getting a couple of pregnant ewes for company ( 'the Wailers') but may get a second camelid chum if he does not bond with his band.

F & V xx