Monday, May 4, 2009


The Protea adventure: week 3.

Ness has started dressing the rooms in earnest now, and the weekend was spent shopping for curtains and bedding. At least ( for now ) she has decided that repainting the rooms not required, although a few cans of paint would have been cheaper. I must admit that the changes so far are pretty impressive and she has not even put all the new curtains up yet.

From Protea Farm 1

I continue to be bathroom, toilet and shower cleaning operative with special responsibility for pubic hair. Spent 2 days scrubbing tiles and am happy to report there is no longer any grubby grouting on my watch.

Eagerly awaiting our Pickfords shipment so we can get all our pictures and start filling the gaps on the walls. Some furniture in our house would also be a bonus, especially as we have bookings for its use in July and nary a stick of furniture currently.

Still on a mission to 'decottage' the decor. Apologies to C & B but that cow has to go:

From trek phase 4
It appears to have been attached using some sort of NASA approved mega-strength epoxy adhesive however, and may take a little coaxing.

The second trailer load of horse poo has arrived, and Ness insists that the lawns will be lush and fantastic within weeks, so I am rehearsing my best rain dance.

From trek phase 4

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