Monday, May 4, 2009

launder down under

Our sheets were being laundered by a motel in town, but after 2 batches the Manager for Housekeeping issued a Quality Control alert memo advising that the sheets are returning stained and badly pressed. Forthwith all evenings will be spent ironing large white sheets.

At least the people from Austar are installing satellite tv this week, will give us something to do while chained to the ironing board.


Susannah said...

Has Ness got you beating the washing on a stone by the creek? Did she pack the old washboard into the container? Knowing Ness and her exact standards you must be in fear of the QC checks! PMSL.

twosheilasandadog said...

She needs a water analysis report on the creek water first. Then we have to hand pick the correct rocks for beating- size, weight, surface texture. How I ever passed QC I do not know ! F x