Monday, July 27, 2009

small farm field days

It has been a busy week down on Protea Farm, with guests in abundance and another weekend spent in Geoffrey. We have revamped the chook shed and provided quality multi-storey roosting and nesting facilities for which we were instantly rewarded- one of the beelzebubs starting laying again, and Snowflake the comedy silky has now laid her first 2 eggs. She has a new best friend, a ginger chicken called Nutmeg, and they are now room mates in one of the nest boxes.

At the weekend we went to the small farm field days held in Mudgee, quite a big event with stock and farm stuff on display, and Ness was like a kid in a sweet shop buying plants and investigating irrigation systems, water troughs, grass seed, and assorted small farm paraphernalia. The highlight for her and James was a fencing demonstration ( the wire and post variety, not dashing swordsmen) and she is now well versed in strainer posts, star post positioning and T-gripples. I fear that the end of this week will be the start of further gruelling fencing projects.

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