Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wimbledon down under

Year 2 and I still cannot get used to watching Wimbledon when it is freezing cold and wintery. The stunning weather at the Championships this year has not helped. Now we have satellite tv I can watch the matches live, so I put on a warm dressing gown, throw another log onto the fire, and snuggle down on the sofa with james dog ( snoring in a disinterested fashion ). Generally I fall asleep, but I am determined to stay awake tonight to watch the Andy Murray match.

The new roof over centre court is a phenomenal structure- I thoroughly enjoyed the crowd's response to the rain the other day. Instead of the usual resounding undercurrent of grumbling there were cheers as the covers went across the court before the roof was rolled into place.

The acoustics when there is play once the roof is in position completely confuse the senses. Your eyes tell you that you are watching tennis on a grass court in a familiar outdoor arena, and your ears tell you that the echoes and amplified sounds of the ball on the strings indicate an indoor event. Play at Wimbledon until after 10 pm- fantastic! Pub quiz question of the future- what was significant about the 2009 centre court match between Safina and Mauresmo?

Tennis on a somewhat less skilled level continues in Mudgee. The Tuesday night tournament finished last week. There were a couple of weeks when rain and slippery courts stopped play ( the ladies were fearful of slipping and breaking a hip ) but I am happy to report that team 3 managed to win the event.

Unfortunately I have been rumbled, and tomorrow I start a serious competititon with the 'Thursday ladies'. They look a bit serious, many are under 70, and I am really not sure that I am going to cope with the pressure. Played a 'friendly' last week and it was not very! I am not sure whether wearing a woolly beanie hat was appropriate dress code, but I was very cold.

I will report back to see Murray get thrashed, hopefully under that incredibly sexy roof.

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