Monday, January 11, 2010

The Archers, NSW episode 3

Those who have been following this blog from its inception ( you know who you are, and really should get out more ) will have noticed that it has transformed from tales of intrepid adventure in the outback in a campervan to a journal of gardening and weather conditions as I morph into Lynda Snell and life becomes a southern hemisphere parody of 'The Archers'.

It has been said that once you hit 40 you discover one of the three 'G's', namely God, Golf or Gardening. As I am not the sort to run around trying to find the unfindable ( God and golf) that only leaves gardening, and I am happy to report that all is well. We have our first tiny little water melons....

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1

...and the pumpkins are testing the strength of Ness's new fence wires.

Many thanks for all the recipe ideas. Particularly fond of the marrow rum from Lynn,and will be brewing in the near future in between freezing large batches of soup. The Ormiston crew should be back from snowy England soon, so we can offload the excess for their cafe's range of 'low food miles' menus ( Lynda and Pat would be proud).

The rustic fencing for the newly extended front garden is complete, and we await cooler conditions to start some tree planting.
From Protea Farm 1

Huge tank still residing in the paddock until a team of strong men arrive to move 450 kg of solid plastic to its new location.

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