Thursday, January 21, 2010

happy parrots, anxious sheep

Temperatures in the high 30's this week, so back to watering the garden daily. The new storage tank is now in situ to hold the pumped water from our 2 bores and is all plumbed in to the pump so that we can utilise it from the garden taps. Ness is putting irrigation pipes into the vegetable plots this week because watering by hand in the evenings has become treacherous due to the mosquitoes. Last night we waited until dusk so it was cool enough to water and got eaten alive by the little blighters- so bad that we had to bolt indoors. Unfortunately we brought hitch-hikers into the house and had a frenzied evening tracking them down.

We have just purchased 3 large pomegranate trees, glorious with their bright red flowers. The king parrots and sulphur-crested cockatoos will be delighted- they have already stripped the trees of peaches and apricots so I am sure that extra fruit will be pecked. The sheep however are looking decidedly anxious as they watch us planting a substantial rosemary hedge and large plots of mint!

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