Saturday, January 9, 2010

vegetable glut

The rains have now gone, and it is getting hotter by the day. All the shrubs and plants which were hanging on like grim death are now blossoming and flowering again, and the dreaded zucchini/courgette glut is upon us. Ness planted some funky varieties and promised me that they would not turn into giant marrows overnight, but that proved to be misleading.
From Protea Farm 1

We are not managing to eat them as quickly as more appear,despite the assistance of Delia's vegetarian menus. I fear things will only get worse when the baby squashes and pumpkins get another growth spurt. Peppers and chillies also going well, and we are extremely excited about the baby water melons.

All recipes for zucchini/courgette, cucumber, butternut squash and pumpkin gratefully received. I wonder if any of them would make a half decent wine?


Anonymous said...

Roast butternut & pumpkin soup (you can vary vegs).
Cut into quarters - de-pip.
Roast in oven with garlic gloves and chili flakes and a touch of olive oil for 45 mins or so.
Peel skin when cold.
Then soup in usual way.

Buy a HUGE freezer and welcome all comers with bow of soup and crusty bread. Yum.


twosheilasandadog said...

Sounds lovely, but there is a problem with contemplating cooking and eating soup today with temps approaching 40 degrees and 70% humidity.The pumpkins and squashes should store until winter, but meanwhile salad/barnecue recipes would be great.
Lynn has found a fab recipe for marrow rum which involves suspending marrows/sugar/yeast in a pillowcase and catching the drips.She points out it may not rival the local brews around here, but sounds a great alternative to stuffed marrow.
F xx