Sunday, February 1, 2009

feelin' hot hot hot

The relentless heat is taking its toll on all van dwellers. Ness has created a technique for keeping james dog cool using a freezer ice-pack.

From trek phase 4

We are considering going into production- little neoprene jackets in assorted canine sizes with frozen inserts to keep your pooch cool in a heat wave.

It will be marketed as 'The Chilly-Dog'


Anonymous said...

What about a hat that contains an ice cube and a little electric fan? Perfect for women of a 'certain age'.

You could modify it for James dog when you are not wearing it yourself. I am stunned that you can even lift a tennis racquet in the heat.

Meantime, we had a HUGE dumping of snow this week. Usual rant of "not the RIGHT type of snow' as London ground to a complete halt.

Hey ho...

Yours, Soo (wearing several layers of thermic attire)


twosheilasandadog said...

I am liking the idea of the cooling hat. Could maybe design a padded sports bra with a similar system of heat transfer.
Keep warm

F & V xx