Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a new bird moves in

In typical Mudgee fashion the Heavens opened this week and we had torrential rain ( 17 mm in an hour). It has helped to dampen down the dust but is now extremely humid. Unfortunately the rain meant a postponement of my debut appearance in the tennis competition.

During the storm a 4 day old australorp chick was orphaned, mother AWOL, and she has become a new resident in the camper. We have called her Serena in honour of Ms William's victory in the Australian Open ( and because she is a feisty black chick). James dog is singularly unimpressed with sharing her living space with a chook and is eating all the mash as a protest.

From trek phase 4

Serena pictured above doing some poultry googling.

I am outdoors typing this entry with Serena sitting on my feet, so there has obviously been some bizarre delayed imprinting going on. I have not been a chick-magnet before; first time for everything.

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