Sunday, February 15, 2009

...then the rain came down

The weather here has undergone a rather dramatic change. For the last week the temperature has dropped and wind and rain predominate. All our winter clothing has been rediscovered. We witnessed first hand the famous New South Wales hailstones when we were bombarded with lumps of ice the size of golf balls- how Geoffrey remained undented is a mystery. I really do not understand how the weather works over here- how can the temperature be in the high 30's and yet these hailstones appear.What size are they when they set off? All very strange.

Meanwhile my tennis career has stalled again- the hailstones fell just before the scheduled match. Think it may be a message from above in more than one sense. Jo in the UK has pointed out that this tennis match is somewhat similar to the Louis Bunuel movie 'Angel Exterminador' where the guests at a dinner party never get to eat.

Meanwhile we are slowly sorting out surveys, accountants, banks, solicitors etc for the imprudent purchase. You forget how frustrating limbo land is when attempting to buy a property- maybe we have been detached from reality for too long and have either forgotten the rules or lost the patience to play the game.

Serena is thriving although when Vanessa tried some tough love and took her down to the chook sheds to play with the other chickens she went into emotional meltdown at the suggestion that she may be related to these strange creatures in any way. She bolted after a light pecking. We fear that she may have to be home-schooled.

Lesson 1 : 'perching'

From trek phase 4

From trek phase 4

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