Sunday, February 8, 2009

landladies of the world unite!

The recent dilemma in vanworld has been the effects of the onset of a global recession. Our plan to continue to live on the interest on our capital has been scuppered by plummeting interest rates, and it was beginning to look like we needed to find jobs...... what do you do when the world is in recession? You borrow an obscene amount of money from the lovely people at the ANZ and you buy a 25 acre Protea Farm.

Our offer was accepted this morning after much negotiation, so sometime very soon we are going to be the proud owners of three holiday rental properties 12 km outside Mudgee. Our knowledge of the holiday industry is somewhat limited ( think back of small postage stamp ) so interesting times are ahead. However, even if it all goes belly up, we will have our own tennis court!

The plan is to live in the van when all 3 properties are occupied, and live in one of the cottages at quieter times, so we will still be semi-nomadic.

Watch this space, further details to follow pending surveys, termite inspections, etc.

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Lovely's Blot said...

That's great (although website needs some improvement!) Good luck.. and still room for a few alpacas!