Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mind your own business

I could not put it off any longer, so yesterday was the day when I faced the horror that is the MYOB small business accounting software package. With much needed help from the lovely F, vet's wife, bookkeeper and generally good egg, I started on sales and invoicing. Not too bad so far, but today we start on inputting figures which is not good news for the borderline innumerate.

Ness is still madly washing, scrubbing and cleansing the cottage next door between guests. We have updated the tv and home entertainment facilities , ditched the VCR and dusty old videotapes, revamped the library and are having satellite tv installed next week. The tv reception here despite very tall and unsightly aerials is restricted to 2 almost watchable channels and a lot of snow, distorted images and frequent white outs.

The 2 chickens we inherited are the poultry of Satan. Poor Snowflake the comedy silky that we introduced has spent a week huddled in a corner of the chook pen, and every day there are more white feathers strewn liberally around the place. Beelzebub 1 has not laid a single egg, and her chum Beelzebub 2 must have some oviduct issues because she produces eggs that are not in any way , shape or form egg-shaped. Will not look good in our proposed free range breakfast packages.

Meanwhile the guests have continued to be charming and delighted with the surroundings and accommodation. Many hours of video footage have been taken by guests of the numerous kangaroos, the tennis court has been well used, and wood fires are chugging away in all 3 dwellings.

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