Monday, April 20, 2009

protea farm

Yesterday we finally took possession of the new venture. Guests were checking out as we tried to move in and C & B tried to pack up and move out, and guests were expected in the afternoon for both cottages, so the day went by in a blur of cleaning, bed making, taking delivery of fridge, washing machine etc and culminated in an evening spent ironing bed linen for the next batch of guests. The champagne remains in the shiny new fridge unopened.

Pics to follow when we get time to draw breath. Spiderman is coming today to blitz our house and all the outhouses and sheds before we dare venture inside, and terminate a few very active bull ant nests.

The biggest pleasure of our first night here was sole use of a flushing toilet. We are easily pleased.

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Anonymous said...

I feel Book no. 2 coming on! Good luck (and good ironing). Soo xxxxxx