Friday, June 26, 2009

gimme shelter

Bob & The Wailers now have a custom built rain shelter- a mini agridome/hog house prototype that we have named the 'Hoof House'. Now we need to persuade the creatures to venture into it.

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1

Above: Under construction

From Protea Farm 1

The finished article.

Although Marley has bonded well with the sheep we have been feeling guilty about him being a lone alpaca. Georgie's alpaca ( 'Pharaoh', a retired stud male, now renamed Alan ) who she has had for a few weeks is failing to do his job as a sheep guard and has been pining on his own, so it looks like pretty soon it will be Marley, the Wailers and Alan residing at Protea Farm.

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