Sunday, June 14, 2009

only fools and horses.....

Today we bought a 20% share in a racehorse. She is filly born Aug 14th 2007, and Scott assures us she will run like the wind and earn us a large amount of money, but we are not holding our breath. I will post some pictures when she is scrubbed up and training is underway.

We do need some help though- she needs a name. This has to be based on the Sire and Dam's names which are:

Sire: Seidnazar
Dam: Our Demeter

Any suggestions?

Georgie says I will have to acquire a frock and a hat for attending Race days. I have agreed to buy a hat if she wins a race, and eat it if she wins two races.


Anonymous said...

Hhhhmmmm, better find a hat made from rice paper or similar - just in case....

Frock: Will need photographic evidence if this ever happens as I would not believe it

Name: Not a clue. Just choose something suitable to screech when wearing said frock and edible hat.....

S xxx

Anonymous said...

You in a hat? PMSL.

You in a FROCK? more PMSL.

No idea about name, Nazademe? Bit long winded.