Friday, June 19, 2009

marley and the wailers

Today was the day when Marley and the girls came home to Protea Farm. Our first attempts at fencing a sloping paddock were a little amateurish, with some creative weaving and macrame of chicken wire, and a few glitches regarding the gate width and gate post positioning, but it looks stock-proof.

The 3 Wiltshire Horn sheep proved to be very feisty ladies when it came to loading them onto the trailer, but you cannot take the Kiwi out of the girl and Ness wrestled them into submission and rode them bronco-style up the ramp, where Marley was calmly waiting with a bored look on his face ( I think he feels very superior, in a Latino way, to ovine creatures ).

From Protea Farm 1
They unloaded calmly into their new paddock, and got stuck in to their hay. Above picture shows Lilian, Clarrie and Peggy in all their finery, hopefully gestating the rest of the flock.

From Protea Farm 1
Clarrie & Peggy enjoying dinner.

From Protea Farm 1

Marley keeps a watchful eye.

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