Wednesday, June 3, 2009

kangaroo skittles

bang! goes another kanga

On the bonnet of the van.

Lyrics Kate Bush 'The Dreaming'

OK, technically it was my car and not the van but the above is one of the most stupid lyrics in pop history and one I never thought would be relevant to a real-life scenario. On returning from the recycling centre at dusk, trailer in tow, a stupid roo jumped the fence and I hit it at 60 kph while travelling on a wet road.

Large creature the kangaroo. The car is somewhat dented despite the 'roo bar' attachment, and the driver side wing dented where it made contact with a roadside post. The trailer ran over the poor creature as well, just to ensure that it was well and truly deceased.

I needed to open a bottle of wine on my return, a very unpleasant experience.

Pickfords delivered our gear yesterday- some of it is recognisable, a great deal of it has arrived in self-assembly format, so we can spend many a happy hour playing jigsaws with the crumbly pieces formerly known as expensive china. Smashing a cast iron garden seat and table was a triumph.

So now we have enormous furniture to place in smallish houses, complete with a fine film of extraordinarily pungent powdery mould spores.

It is nice to be reunited with the pieces which made the trip unscathed, and I am sure we will work out what to do with it all. James dog is delighted to play camouflage games on the sofa.

From Protea Farm 1
The house looks pretty organised this evening.

From Protea Farm 1

From Protea Farm 1


Anonymous said...

Just thank God (or similar) that YOU are OK!!! Plenty of roos and jutes/newts (or whatever aussies call a pick-up truck), only ONE Fiona.....

Where is my friend the giraffe? I hope he is unscathed, I love that piece. And V's antique tester bed.

Hope your insurance coughs up for all your lovely carefully chosen china, and anything else that is ruined. What a bummer!


twosheilasandadog said...

Could have been worse- both on the Pickfords front and the roo experience.

Giraffe lost his head prior to the move, so he needs a a bit of fixing up.

Sure the insurance will sort out most of the losses.

F x