Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let there be rain

Well, after suffering severe drought conditions in Mudgee, invite a Pom to stay and what happens? The heavens open. Very dramatic thunderstorms yesterday, with forked lightning all around and horizontal hailstones. 12 mm in less than an hour, and today storms and drizzle.

Went shopping and town was buzzing with excitement about the rain- very strange to be in a country where torrential rain cheers everybody up. Already the red dust has subsided, and the grass is growing as you watch.

Piglets thriving, so now we are waiting for the 3rd Berkshire gilt to conceive. Despite being with the boar constantly, no result so far. We are politely ignoring the fact that she would rather barge through an electric fence to be with the 4 ladies who arrived last week than accept his slobbering advances.

The 4 pinkies are settling in well, but are fat and bone idle. The Berkshires have a neat and tidy latrine, the pinks on the other hand crap wherever they wish . They have been christened 'The Royle Family'- if they were human they would be wearing shell suits, fiddling their Income Support claims, and flogging hot gear on ebay. Hopefully their progeny will be more socially responsible ( and rumour has it, may also be ginger with white spots ).

Generator working overtime tonight as we are confined to the camper until weather clears- large pile of dvd's to get through, 4 litres of sauvignon blanc for $12- life is tough.

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