Saturday, October 27, 2007

More rain

Many Thanks to Fi and Wayne for the amazing website:

Very frightening that such a site exists. I rather liked 'Are we there yet?' , 'Me-and-Her-in' , and VIAGRA (Veterans Ignoring Age Going Round Australia) as possible names. Well worth a read.

However, we may well just go with 'Finesse' unless further inspiration is forthcoming. Dry dock has been delayed for a couple of weeks, so still time.

Been touring around the area today- 40 +vineyards within 10 Km, and still not managed to stop at any. Intend to remedy that tomorrow. A couple of towns recommended in the tourist guides proved to be less than exciting, despite the gold-mining museums. Hicksville NSW, with only the tumbleweed and duelling banjo soundtrack absent.

Ness found a fantastic pottery in the middle of nowhere ( as only she can) and purchased some amazing plates and dishes. Des and Trevor were fab, and gave us a full tour of their very bizarre workshop.

Visit their website, if only to read the 'about us' feature page.

No rain today, but a mere 30 degrees. Another impressive thunderstorm last night we all sat on the verandah, sipping wine and watching it. The kids had to don wet weather gear and run around in the rain.

Had kangaroo for dinner, cooked on the barbie. Will report back when we have sampled the fruits of the vine.

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