Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spider encounter

Tense day today waiting for Rosie to farrow, but so far all nesting and no womb action.

Have been warned for several days that there was a 'huntsman' spider in the pig feed bin, and had witnessed the webs but not the spinner.
This evening went to feed the pigs with Georgie, and on opening the bin there was 'Shelob' in his lair. Unfortunately the level of feed had dropped to the point where someone had to climb into it in order to fill the buckets. Neither party was willing.

F: F**k, is that a huntsman?
G: Oh my God a huge spider, look out, watch it, quick run
F: Thought you natives could identify it a bitey one or a kill you one?
G: If it is a funnel web, we will die- I am going back to the UK and never ever farming again
F:...picking up a very, very long stick..... shall I prod it?
G: If it is a huntsman or a funnel web, it will grab the end of the stick, pole vault out of the bin, and latch onto your face in milliseconds.
F: ..prodding spider
S: burying its vast bulk in a layer of pig food
G: if it hisses or runs towards the like Hell

Tale ended safely after a large splat. Apologies to all of a squeamish disposition, and all spider lovers, but that was the biggest spider I have ever seen outside a vivarium, and when a native Aussie is petrified the terror spreads fast...and the pigs needed feeding.

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