Thursday, October 18, 2007

Name That Winnebago

Finally getting to grips with the old blog malarkey.

Laptop has a new battery, and in the background our fab new portable generator is humming away providing much needed 240 volts.

Can you see who it is yet? Ness and I in extremely stupid hats planting olive trees.

Four fat pink pigs arrived yesterday ( the plan was to collect six, but James underestimated their size, and at over 200Kg per pig his trailer could not accommodate the full quotient, nor could his car tow them ) .

Competition Time: Name that Winnebago !

Below are pictures of the new mobile abode, who was unfortunately named before we bought her. We are not wildly keen on 'Peace at Last', as it sounds like an epitaph. As we are not dead yet we have no desire to drive around in a palatial coffin. We are hoping that campervans are not like ships ie rechristening them condemns the sailors to a watery grave.

So far Mary has suggested 'Susan' us out here please, or Susan may just stick!
An alternative, due to the fact she has 3 double beds and luxury shower facilities, is to kit her out as a mobile brothel complete with 'Ladies, Ladies, Ladies' paintwork......Visit for an appointment.
Her beige interior has also inspired Winnie BeigeO.

So, suggestions on a website please. She goes into dry dock in a couple of weeks for minor modification so we need a name before then.


Anonymous said...

how about 'Big Betty'? (but don't tell your Mum I said so!)

Mark xx

Soo said...

Vote from London:
Betty and Susan are TOTALLY out of the question (we will NEVER speak to you again). Don't consider Annette either....

Lots of love,
Betty, Susan and Annette xxxxxxxxxx
P.S. We REALLY miss you but LOVE the blog

Anonymous said...

You can't call it Susan! In my experience, you could be in for a lot of problems. This is my experience of that word...

doesn't travel far
hasn't worked hard for quite some time
very noisy on (most) occasions
always running late
can be the cause of great discomfort
expensive to run and maintain
unreliable suspension (which breaks down often)
You can pour money into it and still see no evidence of it
do you want me to go on...?

You can be collectively called: Jason and the Argonauts (in search of the golden fleece! very australian - sheep - get it?)

The van can be called Jason and you can be the Argonauts (see the 4th paragraph of the following link - lesbian heaven!!)

The argonauts were great travellers...

Also you will have named it after an Aussie superstar : Jason Dono Van!!!!

Seems like a done deal to me...