Friday, August 22, 2008


We have finally arrived on the outskirts of Darwin. Yesterday we took a detour towards Kakadu, a huge National Park SE of Darwin, but the area is so vast that we really need a few days there without the dog.

It is so hot and humid here that said dog is really suffering, so we by-passed Kakadu and spent today inspecting Helga's Pet Hotel near Darwin. For $16 per day james dog will be kept with a gang of other little dogs in a cool courtyard complete with their own plunge pool, so she is booked in for a week from Monday.

Meanwhile we will be exploring Darwin over the weekend, then will head back without dog to fully explore Kakadu and hopefully do a bit of 4WD off-roading.

Makes you realise what a huge country this is- I spoke to a friend in NSW who was driving through snow and here we are with temperatures in the high 30's and clawing humidity ( do not want to be here in the summer!).

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Dina said...

I was just talking to my husband about kakadu yesterday.

It's one of the places I'd eventually love to go to.

That's the place with the Uranium...isn't it?

I look foward to hearing about your adventures there.